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Meet Tiggie!

Tiggie is 6 months old. He was a stray kitten from the Warren area. He loves to be held & loved. He pets your face with his chin as he purrs. He is full of life yet a mellow cat. He never growls or hisses at any other cat. He loves to play in a cat "tent" and then jump out to surprise & play with any cat walking by. He is the only kitten from his litter that still has a slightly cloudy right eye. It is not infectious but may weep slightly. He has been treated for it since he was a baby. Final diagnosis is scar tissue under the 3rd eyelid which causes chronic irritation. He may or may not "grow out" of it. He doesn't let it slow him down in the slightest! Come hold him to really experience the depth of his love! He is so sweet!

To find out how you can adopt Tiggie, or one of our other kitties, contact us.