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Meet Zoe!

Zoe came to HPW on 5/28/2009. She was a kitten found abandoned in an old car on Riverview rd. near Savanna. She has been at the shelter for 8 long years. She was shy when they found her and kept to herself ever since. She has a very good community roommate at the shelter whom she prefers to spend her time with. The volunteers are enticing her with certain foods in an attempt to socialize her....and it's working. For one volunteer, Zoe will willingly come down from where she stays, rub the volunteers leg and actually purrs. Another volunteer is able to gently pet Zoe on her head. She's no lap cat but we're sure with the right person, she could be a faithful companion and good mouser! She's learning to trust humans more. Are you that right person that's willing to work with Zoe so she too can go to her fur-ever home? She deserves a life away from the shelter.
ID# 2009-39

To find out how you can adopt Zoe, or one of our other kitties, contact us.